Holy Wednesday!

The days that I have Spanish class are spent with tiny tips of Spanish words on the end of my tongue. Often they come out when I'm frustrated or irritated- and specifically, in the Spanish equivalent of the French word for merde. The Spanish word for shit is something like "mierd," but I never actually know the ending and I always end up thinking of the word miercoles (see: Wednesday) instead.

I almost drop a whiteboard marker down my beige skirt. Miercoles. I realize my homemade delicious wrap was made with spoiled lunch meat. Miercoles. I forget to drop a prescription off at Duane Reade yet again. Miercolesssssss.

Tonight I walked past the little park near my house and saw that they were filming again, this time a night scene. Some crew has been filming a movie off and on for the past few months, something with a lot of funeral scenes in the rain. For three mornings I walked through the park and passed through a large group of people dressed in black and holding black umbrellas under a non-rainy sky. I started to wonder if some kind of tragic Greek chorus was following me, but the presence of video cameras convinced me that I was not the only one seeing them.

This evening they were at it again and (cuidado: vanity alert!) I daydreamed a bit as I walked by about being chosen off the street to star in the movie. "What a perfect haircut!" someone would say, "she has the perfect look!" and then I would be swept away into a life of red carpets and premieres, having been discovered in Polish Brooklyn. Sadly it seems they have already cast all the parts, as my $11 haircut failed to drag anyone away from their important task of manipulating gigantic lights. "I suppose fame and fortune will come another day," I thought and hit up Met Food instead to buy cat food and milk. Miercoles!

I've made a big enough deal of this haircut now that people are inevitably asking for pictures and I will admit that posing for a self-portrait of my new haircut alone in my apartment and posting it on my blog tops the list of things that make me feel like a first-class idiot. Nevertheless, I've decided to be a good sport about it. Here is a very ridiculous photo, in which I am basically standing in my coat closet, mostly because I wanted to bounce the pic off a mirror. Behold what $11 gets you in Bmore!

P.S. Oscar just barfed up a hairball! Miercoles!


Erica said...

LOVE IT !! :-)

thanks for the pic. and if it makes you feel better, my "self portraits" are usually taken in the bathroom.

Edith said...

nice new hairdo :-)

p.s and the end for that spanish word is "a".

Lindsay Bramson said...

Love your new haircut! so cute : ) and as edith wrote, the spanish word is mierda... there are several other choice phrases I could teach you if you need variety in spanish swear words : )

Anonymous said...

love it, too! are those bangs or just side sweep? either way - looks great. reminds me, when i was at BK brewery i was behind a girl for our whole 20 minute 'tour' who had the haircut i think i want... kind of like yours (but shorter and with bangs)... maybe i'll do it, too!