Radio head.

Tonight I had some work to do for this blog (currently at the beginning stages of a total overhaul, including new design, new content manager, considering advertising, etc.) and I didn't want the noise of the TV in the background. This is mostly because I will either end up irritated (some babysitting Vin Diesel movie is on every channel of my cable-less television) or absorbed in my new 30Rock DVDs and work will not get done.

"If only there was a way to have something that wasn't iTunes and wasn't a TV on in the background," I thought to myself. And then out of the depths of technological history, The Radio smacked me across the face.

I don't actually own a radio, but I really, really want to get a funky one this year. I have visions of one of those huge awesome radios that FDR used for his fireside chats (and imagine the romantic possibilities of snuggling up to listen to President Obama lull me into the future), but I'll probably settle for something a bit more... portable. And cost-efficient. Does anyone have recommendations?

A few minutes ago I went in search of some good online radio possibilities and stumbled across this Indie Rock Mix station, which is MAKING MY NIGHT. Would love to hear what you guys listen to a la radio when you're craving live streaming goodness.


Lindsay Bramson said...

Have you tried Pandora yet? Pandora is an internet radio station that you design. You tell pandora what artists you like and it will make a whole radio station based on those artists and artists it considers similar to the ones you like. I LOVE pandora for work. Hope that helps!!

Jen said...

Thanks, Linds! Going to check it out today! xox J

Anonymous said...

yeah, Pandora was my reco, too - Jen you'll love it. Looking forward to seeing your updated look!

Avi said...

Tivoli makes nice radios. But I wouldn't recommend them, you're better off with something a little more modern, like the Logitech Squeezebox Boom. As for online radio, KEXP and Radio Paradise are great.