Simultaneously feeling 13 and 30 with the new 'do.

I seem to have gotten lucky with my cab drivers today (read: SARCASM). The woman who drove me from Kate's place in Baltimore to the train station went on a 20-minute rant about the foreigners stealing American jobs in this country. Then the guy who brought me home to Greenpoint launched into the politics behind Bloomberg and his bus lanes. Can't a girl enjoy the scenery?

Perhaps I seem more approachable (read: GULLIBLE?) with my new haircut. This morning I went to a little salon around the corner from Kate's apartment and chopped my hair off. Not all of it, but enough to make it feel like a significant change. The charge for said change was $11, a fact that convinced me to designate Baltimore my new go-to location for all hair-related activities.

More to say about Baltimore, falling down 7 steps into a bar on a Saturday night, and the wonder that is Amtrak later. For now there is Oscar and Spanish homework and endless new hairstyles to consider.


Erica said...

we want PICTURES !!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for coming to bmore, i had so much fun! i still get teary-eyed from laughing every time i think about your battle scars.... heal fast!

love, kate