Full night of sleep: check.

My body is conditioned. Every morning, 5:35am, I'm awake. If I don't think about it for too long (or if Oscar doesn't notice my stirring), I can fall back for another hour until the alarm. But oftentimes a thought loges itself in the doorway back towards sleep and I end up lying there for a while trying to forget the emails I have to send the next day or the shopping lists I need to make. Oscar takes advantage of this and tries to persuade me that it's breakfast time. This morning he sat on my chest for a while and purred.

Usually I hold strong and refuse to feed him until I'm in the shower, my thinking being that I want him to be able to go the whole day without food while I'm gone. But some mornings (like this morning), I wearily concede and drag myself to the kitchen to fill his bowl with Supreme Supper or Mariner's Catch. It works; I fell back asleep and he left me alone for another 5 hours before the burning sunlight from the living room windows finally did me in.

And now I can do the dishes and clean the apartment while podcasts play on in the background. It is my favorite part of the week, these lazy Saturday mornings when I negate the hurricane effects of the past five workdays.

Happy Valentine's Day, guys. I know, I know, it's commercial and crappy, but it reminds me of filling out tiny cartoon cards for my entire class and choosing the best ones for the cutest boys. It also reminds me of pouring over a brown lunch bag for the next few days, analyzing handwriting and counting who added self-drawn hearts after my name. Oh, the ridiculous ways we monitor love around us!

Enjoy the love today and may your homemade dinners not burn and be embarrassing flops in front of the one you like to kiss. (Note to self! Ha!)

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Erica said...

happy valentine's day to you too jen !!