10 Questions I would have asked if I had my wits about me

when two women on 3rd Avenue asked me where the Taco Bell was this morning at 9:57am:

1. Do you know how many Taco Bells are in New York?
2. Do you know that it's breakfast time?
3. Do you mean to suggest that you eat tacos for breakfast?
4. Are you meeting someone there?
5. What kind of person suggests meeting at a Taco Bell?
6. Why did you ask that old woman after I told you I had no idea?
7. Do you honestly think that old woman knows where the local Taco Bell is?
8. Is Taco Bell even open this early?
9. Are you trying to beat the lunch crowd?
10. Have you never had a bagel?

Wow, insulting Florida yesterday and Taco Bell today. Snarky, indeed!

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carrie said...

Ok, this is ridiculously funny to me. In TX there's a Taco Bell on every corner (of which I frequented in my poor college years). I hate to admit it but I sometimes romanticize about it, possibly nostalgic for years past. Then reality sinks in and I'm able to move past it. I can't even begin to consider how many seven layer burritos I've eaten in my day!