Greetings from a crazy time zone

"Watching TV in HD is so weird... you can see everyone's skin problems."

Such is the hilarity of Laurie, my friend Jay's lovely wife. I'm posting from San Francisco (all the way across the country!) and had such a fantastic day of lying in the sun, drinking chai tea lattes, eating bagels and spending time with friends. I miss this. It reminds me of flying to Nashville to spend three days making crafts with Skersh and almost completely missing every touristic sight there is to see. Or taking off to France to sit around and drink beer with Erica in our favorite tiny, dark pub. It feels good to value traveling for friendships' sake... 

Tomorrow will be my first day as an official tourist here as Jay and Laurie head back to work. I think the plan is to take the ferry to Sausalito, a little town on the other side of the bay, where I can poke around the shops and enjoy the sunny weather. Then Jay's taking me to a Warriors' game (my first official NBA situation!) and on Tuesday I'm back to work, albeit at the Web 2.0 Expo. 

I'll leave my traditional psycho-analysis of San Francisco and its people until the end of the trip, but so far it's been a frickin' good time.

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