If I wasn't so tired, we could make out right now.

I find myself in that special stressful place where I just read a bunch of work emails after a day off and now I'm supposed to go to bed, but my brain is all preoccupied. And I know if I lay down and try to go to sleep on the air-mattress, I'm only going to worry about what our booth should look like at the Expo and how many emails I have to respond to tomorrow and what the appropriate time to begin responding to work emails is when you're in a different time zone. In short, I need to do an activity to cleanse my thought palette if I am to have any hope of sleep.

It's kind of like when you eat garlic. And you don't want to kiss someone right after. You want to chew some gum or a mint to have a buffer between the garlic and the next activity. Oh blog, you are so minty and non-stressful! Let's cleanse away and recount today's adventures, shall we?

Today I:
* read an entire book
* broke my Lent resolution of no dessert for an ice cream cone
* got a stupid sunburn on selections of my forearms, my nose and three fingers (Yep, looking hot right now.)
* dressed up like a pirate
* went to my first NBA game
* thought I might die in a bus (HOLY HILLS, SAN FRAN!)
* drank a Peartini at lunch
* lived through a 4.3 earthquake!
* took a ferry twice
* saw a famous blogger in PERSON but was too shy to say hello
* walked approximately 11,000 miles

Yes, I would say I had a very luxurious day. And now that I've been reminded of all of that goodness, stress is a bit further away.

Minty fresh! Voila!

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