March 2, 2009

Things that happened today (in no particular order):

1. I wore a skirt despite the blizzard. I froze.
2. I laid down The Law when I needed to.
3. I watched (and openly mocked) the season finale of the Bachelor.
4. I almost died laughing while watching this hilarious video of a dog who sleepwalks.
5. I finished a short story and submitted it to a summer writing conference.

Whoah, what's that last one? I finished a story? Yeah, THAT'S RIGHT, people... three months of sleepy morning work is now out in someone's application mailbox.

I have lots to share about how that process went and how it feels to have finished something (in short: SURPRISED and PROUD), but I'm taking the night off of thinking about writing. Stay tuned for some writing process thoughts soon, though, cause I have them coming out of my ears.


Erica said...

congrats Jen, that's wonderful news ! must be a great feeling :-)

Jill P said...

Wow that's great! Can't wait to hear more about the process & read the piece. Congrats on finishing & getting yourself out there :) But a skirt during a snowstorm??? Really? ;)

Jen said...

Thanks, guys!

@Jill: I know, I'm an idiot. I was supposed to go to a Tech conference in the evening though and potentially present before 700 people. That was conveniently canceled... AFTER I froze my ass off getting to Manhattan.