Things that are making me happy today

1. It's SUNNY.
2. Yesterday I took to the streets on my new Rollerblades for 40 minutes POST-WORK, which means that the evenings are staying light much longer...
3. I woke up feeling like I'm getting a cold, but after 2 cups of chai, I'm good to go.
4. The crappy news about how much I owe in taxes killed the dream of taking a spring trip somewhere. Luckily, I just found out that I'm going to San Francisco next week for a conference! I'll be spending 3 extra days there before the conference and hopefully visiting Laurie and Jay, among others... looking forward to checking out the funky bookshops and cafes too. Any recommendations?
5. The Great Tax Disaster was bad, but inspired me to create a crazy spreadsheet of spending tracking. Excel + Mint.com = awesomeness.
6. I watched my first Telenovela DVD from the Spanish library and understood the gist of it.
7. Though we never got into it before, Chris and I have started watching Lost from the beginning and it's ridiculously fun to watch it with someone else... especially someone who pauses each episode during the ending credits and says "ok, what do we know now?" Ha! What a super-sleuth.
8. Kate showed me this blog a few weekends ago and although I don't read it every day, it's RIDICULOUSLY positive. The writer posts about a bunch of healthy recipes and she's so upbeat; it's infectious.
9. Challenges at work are forcing me to rethink how to succeed. Although that's sometimes frustrating, it's very stimulating for the brain. Nothing's perfect and learning that lesson over and over again reminds me that I need to embrace the uncomfortable and push through negativity to find a different way to attack problems. Such is life!
10. It's now officially spring.

Happy freakin' weekend, people.

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