You know it's a recession when...

Every day you get 29 emails about airfare deals. This morning I got one that said:

"AirTran from $46 OW."

I clicked on the link. SHOW ME THE $46, I thought. I will go anywhere for $46. Even Florida. (Maybe.)

Survey says: $46 = the price from Atlanta to Charlotte.

Now I'm no southerner, but it seems to me that Atlanta and Charlotte are close enough that you could probably take a bus. Surely there is a cheaper bus or train route that takes a very short amount of time to get from one to the other. Or maybe you could walk! Why, I'd guess if you live in Atlanta that you even have a sweet family member who is willing to drive you to Charlotte AND bake you a pie to eat on the way. Again, my interpretation of an area of our country I know nothing about.

In short, $46 from Atlanta to Charlotte seems as if they are RIPPING YOU OFF. Which they are, of course, since my own cheapest option leaving the New York area was a $81 OW ticket to Miami. (No thanks!)

I realize this is all rather laughable when you consider that I was ready to spend $563.70 last night for a RT flight to London in April. I know it's much more, but you get to use your passport! And people like Maddy await you on the other side of the plane doors! Not to mention all that delicious porridge and brown bread.

Plus the fact that it's not Florida.

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Spike Jones said...

I live in Greenville - halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte. And it's a two hour drive either way. Sometimes I have a layover in ATL or CLT and the flight to Greenville is like 20 minutes. In other words, who the hell would fly from Charlotte to Atlanta? I dunno.