Beware the L-train swine!

For whatever reason, the L platform had about 16.8 billion people on it tonight. We waited 11 minutes and then a completely packed train pulled up to Union Square. Approximately 14.5 billion of us squeezed in before the doors closed.

So there I am, literally smelling someone's armpit, bemused by the funny situations you end up in when you live in a crowded city, when I remember. SWINE FLU. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. OH GOD, GERMS. And that one scene from Outbreak comes back to me, the one with the guy sneezing in the movie theater; I am sufficiently freaked out, attempting to avoid contact with humans (verdict = impossible). Oh Swine Flu, you are so joke-able and yet so scare-able!

So I came home and washed my hands so that Oscar would not develop a cat-bird-swine version of the flu, but he seemed to be washing himself after playing in the litterbox and did not mind my subway-germy hands. I suppose that's how cats are.

To bed now, because tomorrow I'm going to try writing pre-work at the new Grand Central branch of the NYPL. Then we have tickets to the Tribeca Film Festival tomorrow night and then I will finally be mere hours from the weekend. I've spent the past three days thinking it's Thursday. Every morning it's quite a shock! Plus, today when I got in the elevator to leave work around 7:30, I thought to myself, "10 hours today. 1 more than a normal work day." Then I wondered, "how did they come up with 9-hour work days?" and then it took me about 4 blocks to realize that NORMAL WORK DAYS ARE 8 HOURS LONG. Ha!

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