East coastin'.

So I have a guilty pleasure in the form of Glamour magazine and truthfully, it's my longest-running subscription. It's not the most brainy of reading material, but I gotta say this: I find myself insanely motivated about some aspect of my life by reading this mag every month.

This all started a few years ago when I'd moved home from France and was living in a constant state of mope. Most days it was worse than mopey; it was more like Sylvia Plath and Poe were constant companions. And oh the crying! But I digress.

One afternoon I drove out to Barnes and Noble to spend a few hours reading girly magazines and it totally made me feel better. In Glamour, I read a piece about knitting blankets for homeless people and I was instantly inspired. I bought the issue, filled out the subscription form, and got out the crochet needle. This seems to be how I get myself out of funks; all I need is a glimmer of newness, a spark of possibility and I'm off.

Tonight I read an article in the newest issue about good things to eat; the first suggestion is to eat at least 8 grams of Fiber at breakfast. For some reason, this struck me as a great idea. Fiber! It sounds so healthy! "YES. I WILL EAT 8 GRAMS OF FIBER AT BREAKFAST," I thought. And just like that, my night was made.

It doesn't take much, folks.

One week in San Francisco and I'm one girl-ful of gooshiness. Oh San Fran, how sunny you were! And now NY, how sunny YOU are! And how happy am I to get back to my cat and my boyfriend and my job. And Easter is so soon, which means I get to see the fam. AND THE FIBER! OH, THE UPCOMING FIBER! (Somewhere Evelyn is making a crapping joke...)

Photos and stories from San Fran to come...


Erica said...

i love Glamour too, for that exact same reason !!

welcome back to the east coast, see you in a week and a half !!

ev said...

how did you know?