Luckily my suitcase has wheels

Tonight I'm packing my bags because I'm heading to Baltimore and then Alexandria, VA for Krishna's wedding on Saturday. What is with these boys from High School getting married?! I mean, I'm all for charming nerdy boys growing up and finding The One as they have become Grown-up Sexy Smart Men, but geez louise. Do they all have to do it within the same year?

No, I'm kidding. It will be lovely to see them all and talk to their wives and hopefully steer clear of any brides launching bouquets into the crowd. I have a track record of accidentally catching those.

I also just found out that I'll be headed up to Boston for business in May, so heads up, Boston people. I'll probably have approximately 7 minutes free and I'll be calling YOU. It seems I am taking a tour of the U.S. this year between work and weddings, a fact that doesn't really bother me as much as it puzzles the travel bug within me who is used to fetching the old passport when she hears the verb 'travel.'

The other night I declared a Paris vacation into existence to Chris. "That is IT," I said, "I'm just going to trade in some air miles and go for a long weekend! It has been too long!" And then he said "well what about me!" and I said "holycrapdoyouwanttogotoPariswithme?!" and he said "duh." Which is really why I keep that one around.

So maybe that's going to happen this summer if every other potential life plan works out in my favor, including, but not limited to writing conferences, trips to South America and weekends in U.S. destinations (TBD). Staying flexible in case disaster strikes... or some other governmental organization starts demanding vats of money from my savings account.

Pics and stories of the weekend to follow.

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Maddy said...

YES!! COME TO EUROPE THIS SUMMER! And in the meantime Ms Epting, SKYPE, not Twitter! xxx