Miss your guts

One of the best things about my life has got to be the quality people I've met and befriended. Last night I got a bunch of mail from my old apartment, among which was a letter from Agnes and her family and a little package from one Ms. Jessiqua Farris. The last time I saw Jess was in Ireland exactly 2 years ago; I had just finished my thesis and she was finishing her Master's and we were both destined to come back to the U.S. to live (though we didn't yet know it at the time). She's been in CA since then and though we've attempted to plan mid-continental get-aways (let's just fly to Kansas for a weekend! Portland for a night!), nothing's worked out so far.

Anyway, in this package was a letter telling me that she's now living in Philadelphia (so close!) and a CD whose songs tell the story of her emotions from the past two months. Holy crap, do I LOVE creative people.

She signed her letter "miss your guts, Jess" and I thought it was so perfectly said. Yeah Jess, me too. Miss your guts. And yet I love how the great friendships in my life are able to continue on down their own unique paths, sporadic at times and very regular at others. There's no coincidence to this and I gave up longing for my one core group of friends a long time ago. When you've bounced around a bit, you know that it's simply not possible to sustain the same types of friendships for your whole life. What it IS possible to do is to appreciate the moments you have with the amazing ones you encounter and realize that missing people's guts? It's all part of the game.

P.S. While I was writing this, another creative and lovely friend named Sima sent me this song, which kind of made my afternoon. It's really about having a great day and being yourself. Enjoy!

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