Shoshanda and her rockin' advice.

"So what's the deal with the drinks? Are they free?"
"There's one cocktail- the one with gin- and the beers in those buckets over there. Other than that, I think you have to pay."
"I'm Jen, by the way. What do you do?"
"I'm Shoshanda. I'm a writer."
"Really! That's what I want to be! Who do you write for?"
"Myself! Why aren't you writing for yourself right now?"
"Oh, I have a job at a software company. I guess I need to be more financially secure and all that jazz before I can really go for it."
"Girl, are you kidding me? Did you hear ANYTHING they said at the conference today?"
"Hm... I actually didn't. Two of my co-workers went to the conference, but then bailed and asked me to come to this thing."
"Well are you having a good time?"
"No! I didn't even really want to come, but I felt like I should at least make an appearance."
"What are you doing here? Go home! Write!"

She was totally right. Lately I've been finding myself in places and social situations thinking "what am I even doing here? Who am I pleasing by being here, because I sure as hell wouldn't be here myself..."

So I left. I put my beer (full except for 3 swigs) on some fancy-pants coffee table and left. And then I cursed myself all the way home in the subway for not standing up for my life and letting other people and situations push me into things like after-parties and the like.

First goal: write for 2 hours this weekend. GO.

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Chris said...

Way to go, Shoshanda, I agree.