Friday night adventures in island-land.

Today, 5pm. Needed to get the brain out of the office. I decided to find something adventurous, something new, so when I found out that there's a tram that goes to an island in the middle of New York City, the answer was: duh.

I took the tram to Roosevelt Island and fell a little bit in love with an island that reminded me of Europe, that kept me thinking about l'Ile St. Louis in Paris with younger architecture. I walked along the promenade and met a Russian woman and spent 20 minutes talking about the island and its inhabitants. Then I wandered some more and wondered how I could move there.

Got home, bubbled over with excitement about knowing a new place and Chris found a listing for a R.I. apartment online; tomorrow he's going to come with me to see it. I can't take it, even if I wanted to; my lease isn't up until the fall. But shit, this is the fun stuff to do with someone. Go see an apartment on a dream island and pretend it's a possibility.

Thanks to the 5-goal-per-day strategy, this week was productive as hell. Each morning I wrote down 5 things I'd love to have done by 7pm or so. Each day I got them done and more. It's almost as if focusing on less rather than more gave me more energy to go beyond the goals... try it sometime. Maybe it'll work for you too.

I think I'll leave this strategy for the weekend, though. I'm really spent from trying so hard all week and looking forward to some sleeping in and dining out.

I had a bunch of bad dreams this week. At one point the other night, I woke up from a nightmare around 3am and was too afraid to run to the bathroom to pee until I remembered that Oscar would come with me. He's such a little guard cat (or perhaps constantly tempted by my proximity to food when I head to the old Water Closet). When I realized that he'd walk along with me, regardless of the depth of his sleep, I felt so comforted. This is why people get pets; because the companionship is unrivaled.

Today we bought our tickets for Wisconsin. Three days of Chris' friends and family and cheddar cheese. I've never met a cheddar I didn't like and I'm hopeful that sentiment will translate over to the new people I meet as well. It's been a while since I took a plane with someone I know and I think it will be strange to even have the option of leaning my head on the person next to me. You know it's good when you and your seatmate have accepted potential drool for the duration of the flight.

I'm a lucky girl these days, I really am.

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bec said...

RI is quaint, and quiet and a great community, but you'll miss the luxuries (foods, shops, transportation) of brooklyn - fo' sho.