The last of the college tuitions; cue parents' celebration

We're headed down to Muhlenberg in a few minutes for Steve's college graduation. One day you wake up and your brother's qualified in a scholarly way. Go figure.

Muhlenberg has a tradition that a close member of the family who is also an alumni can go up to the stage when the graduate receives his or her diploma. I joke around a lot about how this is clearly a parental photo-op, but in reality it's such a special thing to me. Tomorrow I'll get to give him a big hug after he gets his official diploma from the college president.

Watching Steve go through his four years at a place that I know so intimately has allowed me to understand his time there in a deeper way. When he called Freshman year and talked about his roommate, I could picture the dorms and remember the anxious, uncomfortable feelings I had myself encountered there. When he speaks about playing in the Red Door or driving to Hawk Mountain or chatting with Dr. Borick, these are all things that I remember vividly about my experience there. In a way, I'm closer with him now than before he went through college - if only because we have different memories that strangely overlap.

My mom and I were talking this morning about how we haven't heard from Steve all week and I pointed out that my memories of senior week are a blur, a mix of tears and hopes and nostalgia and promises. Kind of like the end of summer camp, though I've never been.

The weekend is not about me; it's about a guy who spent four years affecting drastic changes to Muhlenberg's environmental perceptions and policies, who lasted as the only dude in French classes, who spent a semester in Tanzania and who learned about Economics, Religion, Philosophy, Chemistry, and beyond. I'm so proud of who he has become and specifically that he has been able to spend four years discovering more about himself than he originally thought possible. Part of this is because Muhlenberg is the perfect place for that. Part of it is because he's the perfect candidate for this type of transformation.

Happy graduation, Steve-o. We're so excited to share this weekend with you. xo

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K said...

ummm... tearing up. you're banned from giving speeches at wedding 20XX, miss wedding planner!!

ditto to what jen said, steven. if i ever have a son, i hope he's as good of a guy as you :)