One long dump of updates

Well. Hello there. Holy thank the goodness it is Friday night. Let's be a bit informal tonight, shall we?

Thing #1 to talk about:
Today I got a package in the mail from Dove. Attentive readers (and ex-roommates) know how much I love their stuff. Mostly because their deodorants smell delicious and they give out a free bag every year (Example A and Example B). Well I must have been put on Santa's special list because today I got home to find a FREE REGULAR SIZE deodorant and a bunch of pamphlets about the newest deo waiting for me. "What do they think, I'm a health teacher?" I thought, but then I realized that I now have 25 pamphlets with coupons for deodorant myself and I promptly stopped sarcastically complaining in my head.

Thing #2 to talk about:
Last night we went to see Moon at the Tribeca Film Festival and we saw Sting! He was wearing black and walking quickly, but it was him. The movie was pretty good (if you like Sci-Fi, you'd LOVE this) and although I wished the director and crew were smarter during the Q&A, it was a good time.

Thing #3 to talk about:
Tonight I had my first of 2 creative writing workshops with Marc Levy (yes, French people- THAT Marc Levy!). He was very engaging and smart, but the rest of the members of the class were a bit... how shall I say... 40 years old and flirty? Never wrote a creative word in their lives? Asked him to sign their books afterwards? Sigh. We are supposed to write something for the next class and I am already a little inappropriately giggly about what some of these dames are going to show up with.

Also: I forgot how catty French women can be. I had a tough day at work and showed up at the FIAF, all ready to smile and be friendly to fellow writers and French-speakers. "This going to be my crowd!" I thought. Except that it really wasn't because I forgot how much women in France don't have the same types of female friendships that other cultures do. And that's all I'll say about that.

Thing #4 to talk about:
Krishna got married last weekend and I put the photos up on Flickr, but for those of you who are not so Flickr inclined, please click these underlined words here and you TOO can see Krishna get hitched. It was lovely; the ceremony was in Sanskrit, Korean and English and the Asian Fusion dinner was delicious.

Alright, enough of this jabbering. I brought home some new Telenovelas for the weekend (it's supposed to rain and rain...) and some Pablo Neruda poetry in Spanish. Maybe I'll try to translate a little for you this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Did you get another Dove bag too???? Whats happening about Boston trip?