The reaching.

I do my best running when I'm focused on something farther down the street. Sometimes I run for 3 blocks focused on the same Duane Reade sign. Head tucked, eyes lifted, I barely notice the people I'm passing; they move out of the way magically, as if my concentration has created a force field that protects me as I drive on.

Today was a focused day, one set up to be that way during my commute, when I identified 5 things that would make me feel good to do before I got home tonight. Like eat a salad. And get quarters for laundry. And a few other work-related ones. Rather than letting the day take my light-hearted mood and twist it as it willed, I decided where I would be at 7pm. And holy crap, did that work wonders.

The end of this week signals the 3-year birthday of this blog and I'll have a little surprise in store for you. Stay tuned, buddies.

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