Feast of Life!

So I'm a big fan of Maggie Mason, aka Mighty Girl and I kind of flipped out when I read today's post about how Intel is sponsoring her to do a bunch of things on her Mighty Life list. Maggie started a list of things she'd like to do before she dies and adds to it when she comes across other goals. It is very inspiring to watch.

Well when I read that post today, it made me want to start my own list. It made me want to write it so badly that I avoided doing it all night. Because lists like that are TERRIFYING! What if I put something that never comes true? What a FAILURE I will be!

I got into bed about 20 minutes ago and couldn't fall asleep because I kept thinking about all of the big things I want to do in my life, so I got out my notebook and jotted some ideas down and then I couldn't stop until I had posted them all on this blog. Publicly. To hopefully inspire motivation and non-failure behind some of these goals.

The funny thing about setting these goals is that some of them are so unexpected. Translate a novel? Whoah! And yet, Yeahhhh. A big, giant goal. Mmm, it is so lofty and unattainable and impossible sounding. My favorite kind of goal to kill!

Anyways, the list of goals is over in the right-hand column way down at the very bottom (you might need to scroll) and I'll keep track of progress over there. Also, you may notice that redesigning this site is on there. Hopefully that is a sooner rather than later goal, as it's starting to look irresponsibly cluttered around here.

Feast of Life! Big goals! Midnight on a Tuesday! Ah, the sweet smell of ambition... it gets me every time.


Anonymous said...

Ummmm, I think you've already made homemade icecream!!!!!! So you can cross that out from your list!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

YES. I can attest to the ice cream making. 'Member good ol' Muscoot Farm? (By the way this is Katie... is it creepy that I read your blog? No, right? I just find it really fun to read. Keep it up!)

Jen said...

Katie Koz! Of course it's not creepy! So great to "see" you. :)

And you both have good points about the making ice cream dream. For some reason I feel like the ice cream I *really* make one day is going to be not made around farm animals and not made with a sweet potato.

I want to dream bigger. Like... chocolate fudge brownie bigger. With all homemade ingredients. (Take THAT, B&J!) ;)