Just to clarify.

I reread last night's post while drinking my morning chai against the kitchen cabinet. And it sounds like I am flown around by a flock of angels while sunshine grows directly from my posterior. Like minions bring me juice on trays and like they hold an annual parade in honor of my boyfriend.

Let's just set the record straight here, folks- you might catch me in these goopy fests more often than not (I am more inclined to 'share the love' so to speak when things are going well), but it's not like I got no issues.

This morning? I was supposed to use my newly flowing creativity to wake me gently at 7am and write for a while. I was also supposed to pick out clothes that do not make me look like a hooker (tank top that is... revealing to say the least) and cover it up with a stained sweater. Also there are a pile of about 8 new magazines I haven't yet touched on my kitchen table and the place is so covered in Oscar's damn fur that you might walk in and say "wow, what a lovely plush carpet you have here in this house. I remember it being hard wood floors."

Also, I have run exactly 3 times since November. Unless you count my mind racing, which has a much more active history.

Just calling a spade a spade. :)


Erica said...

i think that your post reveals one of the more interesting aspects of blogging.

Certain people are more inclined to write when things aren't going very well, whereas others tend to write when things are going extremely well. Most bloggers don't inherently search for any kind of balance between the two, which means that the reader get a skewed vision of your life.

You, however, are not "most bloggers" !! :-)

We all know that when things are going well, it doesn't mean that EVERYTHING is PERFECT. Your internet friends love to hear that you're excited with life and projects and love, even if you have a bad day every once in a while.

Keep smilin' !

Jen said...

Awesome point, Ericala... I'm actually fairly conscious of not 'complaining' too much on the blog (though one might argue that's even too heady of an exercise for a personal thinkspace!). I used to read another woman's blog for a while and had to stop because it was one bitchfest after another... her kids, her husband, job, etc. etc.

I actually think that I come to this blog when I need to release the excess of emotion, whether it's high or low... but find that it typically ends up spun in a "this sucked, but what have I learned" type way.

Optimist, much? ;)

Erica said...

I find that the best blogs out there, the ones i read day in and day out, are a good mix of "normal" - sometimes complaining about the daily stresses (and sometimes the 'big things'), but more often than not, expressing positive feelings about a situation, a person, or life in general.

Bloggers who complain about everything tend to be a turn off because we all have negative things in our lives, but complaining doesn't do anything to change the situation.

On the other hand, bloggers who take the time to reflect and introspect on WHY the situation is bad and what can be DONE to change it, are positive influences and can make us think more about how we look at our own lives.

We all love your blog because you're so filled with optimism and joy ... even if you have bad days every now and again. It's like that convo we had walking around Brooklyn a few years ago: no matter where you in the world, there will be days when you cry with joy, and there will be days that you drown with tears. Life is what you make of it.