Piling on the hobbies.

Last weekend, a workshop with the effervescent SARK; this week, a high tide of creative moments and projects.

I'm writing a story.

I'm creating a graduation gift for my brother.

I'm thinking about potential art projects for Etsy.

It feels great to think "the dishes can wait a few hours" or "the apartment can be swept later" and instead spent a few daily moments with a sketchbook and some projects. If I learned anything from SARK, it's that finding time to be creative is not impossible in a busy person's life.

Similarly, the recent 5 daily goals that Sima and I continue to keep up with are helping me to focus on feeling productive and spending good time with family and friends.

Lately, a happy humming in the background. It feels good.

Last night:
"Is it annoying when I leave the seat up?"
"I was just thinking about that the other day! I was thinking about how it actually doesn't matter to me in the least, how at first I felt like leaving it up was the 'wrong' way for a toilet to be, but then I realized that I really don't care about those kind of things. I mean, it's basically a question of control, right? Does it bother you when I leave the seat down?"

"Nope, I feel like it's the same thing."

Could I have had this relationship even a year ago? I feel as though I'm un-learning the instinct to have things Just So. Or maybe I'm getting better at letting things Naturally Happen? Either way, it's about freaking time.

The rain has got to stop. Sweaters and jeans and sneakers with socks should be long gone by now. There are reasons I don't live in Seattle.

A few nights ago, we had terrible thunderstorms in New York, loud and violent enough to wake Oscar, who launched himself onto my head. As I lay and counted Mississippis between claps of thunder, I wondered how many other people were doing the same. It's the type of American instinct that I suppose people in other countries don't know about, the kind of cultural knowledge that doesn't come out in textbooks or guidebooks. What a cool secret to know.

Today at work there were suddenly spots, sections of the screen that I couldn't see. "Nooo," I thought. "Please, not a migraine." But then, within minutes, a dull ache.

I used to have migraines in the 7th grade. Then they stopped until a few months ago, when I had the first one in 15 years. Now, a second one today. I worry less about the actual migraine than why these are coming into my life again. Was it the Mexican food for lunch? The gray light coming through half-closed blinds? What triggers it?

The subway ride home was an adventure of walking into poles and holding my head. You know, a typical New Yorker.

Now post-nap in the dark, spots are gone and I'm watching a crazy dance show in which 'normal people' compete to become some kind of Dance American Idol or something. Thoughts:

* Ohhhh wow, I really want to take a dance lesson sometime.
* CHEERS to the fact that many of the women on this show actually have thighs.
* Secret desire to go to library and get a dance DVD and perform in my living room: ACKNOWLEDGED.

And finally, my first salad from the Fire Escape garden:


Mer said...

looks delish!

Edith said...

" As I lay and counted Mississippis between claps of thunder, I wondered how many other people were doing the same. "
i actually do the same when there is a thunderstorm though not in mississippis, just in seconds (i learned that when i was a child : how to count the distance etc...).

unfortunately i can't do it anymore as there is no thunderstorm in Ireland for some -climatic i suppose- reason.

ev said...

i was totally counting the mississippis that night. in fact, it was so noisy and unsettling that i had to rouse myself out of bed and have a snack of popcorn and milk in the kitchen while i started my new book. farley was creeped out, too, so she kept me company. :)