Tuesday, home.

I just went downstairs to get the laundry I hung up to dry last week. This is a stupid habit of mine, leaving clothes in the basement for days and weeks on end. What must the neighbors think? That I spend weeks without sheets on my bed or that I air dry post-shower instead of using towels?

As I folded the towels a few minutes ago, I recognized the stiff, blotchy patterns that dryers never leave. They reminded me of helping my Nana with the laundry when I was younger, of carrying a thick woven basket of wet clothes outside with a pail of clothespins to boot. I can't even remember if she even had a dryer, now that I think about it.

I'm home sick from work today and spent lots of the afternoon napping with Oscar on the couch. At one point he was sprawled on his back, lying on my chest, two paws in the air. Snoring. Paws twitching. Cat dreaming. Hilarious and adorable and so lovable; he must be thrilled by this change of pace, by this lounging together. Even now as I type in the kitchen, waiting for some banana bread to bake, he's lying near me on the floor.

Here he is a few minutes ago in the bathtub. Sometimes when he gets excited he races into the bathroom and jumps in the tub. It's ridiculous:

Also, I took some shots of my garden last night, which is growing so much! So glad I decided to do this for the summer...


Anonymous said...

wow the plants are showing good progress from what i had seen 2 weeks back!!!!!

Chris said...

I can't get over how sleek Oscar looks in pictures.