The $300 Project

I think I've mentioned before that my friend Tejal is getting married in India this December. This week I started to do some flight-searching and figure out what Visas and vaccinations a trip to India entails.

Results: Hepetitis A + Typhoid + Tourist Visa = $180 + $60 + $73 = $313

"Bummer," I thought to myself. "If only there were a way for me to make that money OUTSIDE of savings and my regular salary."

Thus was born the $300 project. I'm challenging myself to make $300 by doing odd jobs (the odder, the better for the purposes of reporting to this blog!) from now until December. Here's a list of little jobs that I've thought of so far:

- tutor French
- bake sale in the park
- babysit someone
- rake leaves
- submit articles to magazines
- find money on the sidewalk

Obviously, the last option would be the quickest, though it is the most unlikely. Today I interviewed Oscar about helping me make some money. I must say, he doesn't seem too interested in helping, maybe because the vaccinations aren't for him.

The $300 Project from Jen Epting on Vimeo.

Does anyone have other good ideas for making little bits of money? Even something that makes $15 would help work towards the goal. Feel free to get creative; I know I will.


Lindsay Bramson said...

if you have a plato's closet or something around you like that, they will buy your "gently" used clothing from you. I have gotten some decent money from clearing old stuff out of my closet that wasn't too out of date but I didn't wear anymore. You could also sell things you no longer use on craigslist (i.e. old furniture, tv etc.). Good Luck!

Britt said...

Oooh yes, Craigslist is a good one! If you decide to have a bake sale, though, let me know. I'd be happy to contribute some gluten-free goodies. :)

Anonymous said...

If you dont already do this, its time to start- Keep all your change in a box, look in all your bags, change lying around on desk, in drawers etc. etc.... then by Nov or so, go to one of the stores, which has those coin change machines...you'll be surprised how much it adds up to!!!!

Edith said...

french tutor is a good idea. i'm actually doing this at the moment to save for my holidays in january... the plan is to go to hawaii and spend a couple of days in new york on the way... hopefully i'll have enough money to do this so i can see you!!!

i was thinking dog walker might be a good odd job for you as well as it seems to be quite popular in the states?

Steve said...

have you seen the movie "Blow"? ...I'm not encouraging anything, just saying that they made a looot of money (before the jail time and everything)