Check it out: Caillebotte at the Brooklyn Museum

Caillebotte was one of the artists covered in the Art History course I had to take for my MA in Paris. We all had a soft spot for him (as we did for Courbet, that Johnny Depp look-alike...) and when I saw posters for the Caillebotte exhibit in Brooklyn, I knew I had to make it.

The Brooklyn Museum far surpassed my expectations; there were interactive activities for kids at the museum, iPod listening tours and a phone number you could call to get information about some of the paintings (each painting had a code). SO well done, thoughtfully-organized, and a real treat to see some familiar off-beat perspectives here at home.

If you're in New York this weekend and looking for something to do, the exhibit is open til July 5th. The suggested ticket price is $10 and let me tell ya- it was well worth it.

More photos on Flickr.

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