Growing pains.

I've been working on this long and rambling manifesto about how software and love are similar. It's been a major thorn in my side all week. I take it out every day and work on it, move some paragraphs around, cut some sentences and add some words.

Sometimes you have to recognize when things are not working.

So I'm tabling that for now, which frees me up to write something on here that isn't that post. Amazing how something like that can block me from updating here for a week.

Chris and I talked on the way to the subway this morning about my (lack of) writing lately, how I feel about that and why I feel it's happening. I do feel that the past few months have been an explosion of creativity for me (I attribute 75% of this to the SARK workshop, incidentally), and I'm not sure how things are shaking out in terms of relative priorities to projects. I've been cooking up a storm, making some crazy gifts for people and planning a trip to France with such detail that you'd think I'm my own personal assistant. I feel energized and creative and like I'm getting shit done... only it's in a million directions and not focused on one thing.

I don't know if that's a problem (lack of focus) or a quality (diversity of interests). I do know that my planning for a site re-design will have to take into account all of these passions because part of the reason I feel myself slipping away from writing here is that I'm not sure what content belongs in this space. Or rather, today, it seems that only a specific type of content belongs here. I want to branch out.

So I think the new design will have to allow me to share recipes and photos of something I made, along with some tips I have for what happened when I made it. I think it will have to be flexible enough to let me review a book one day and write a list of places to visit if you're ever in Wisconsin the next. I feel like my creative self is going through a bit of an identity crisis and instead of forcing myself to only acknowledge one aspect of that, the new design needs to celebrate reality, as blurry as it is.

I do have some photos to share, but haven't had two seconds to upload them, so I promise the next post will be just photos of recent good stuff in life.

How are you guys holding up?

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Avi said...

I totally relate to what you're saying, I was in a similar situation recently, where I had stopped writing on my blog because the design of it was stifling; it wasn't flexible enough. I had all sorts of plans for a grand redesign but never got around to that; instead, I just got fed up one evening, and in a burst of productivity I installed a new theme and customized it. Now I feel less constrained by my site design and it's lead to me feeling more positive about posting to it.

Which is to say, go ahead and mess things up! Sometimes you need to change things around to stir things up and have a fresh start.