Things I've learned since college.

Faced with Steve's graduation a few months ago, the inevitable Graduation Gift loomed. For a while, Katie and I talked about investing some money for him so that, in five years, he'd have some spare cash on hand to do something cool. Like fly to Australia. Or buy some camping supplies.

Turns out that, in this economy, 5 years of invested money will buy you a turkey a sandwich. Sans mayo.

So I started thinking about what I wish I'd known six years ago when I graduated. In so many ways, it seems like everything significant that's made me who I am has happened since that May day on the front lawn of Muhlenberg 6 years ago, though I know that isn't true logically. College made me who I am. The period since then has been pure gravy.

In the first of two gifts requiring worldwide support this summer (more on the second in about a month), I wrote to a bunch of people that I know who went to college and lived to tell about it. Whose backgrounds are similar or very different than Steve's, but whose voices I thought would provide interesting and meaningful advice. My email to these people asked them for any random things they've learned since the cap and gown.

And guys, I was floored by what I got back.

Their advice, coupled with significant chunks of information I thought Steve should know about, make up The Graduation Gift, which has become a book called "Things I Learned Since College."

I have to publicly thank all the generous people who took a few minutes to help with this project:
Dawn, Jay, Erica, Melissa, Tyler, Adam, Peggy, Leigh, Walker, Sneibs, Vinny, Chris, Evelyn, Mike, Skersh, Sima, Josh, Tim and Tejal.

Of course the spirit of this book was giving Steve a send-off into his post-college life, to reassure him that college, while A great time in your life, is not THE greatest time in your life. But I had such a kick-ass time making it that it served as this great stopping point for me to take a look at where I've been and where I'm headed.

If you have a few minutes, you should flip through the book on Flickr. The advice is SO good and there are tons of my own advice, recommended recipes and spots around the world that are worth visiting. In the next couple of days, I'll post selected highlights.

Also, feel free to leave some advice in the comments if you didn't get to add something to the book. Again, thanks to you guys who contributed. Humans are awesome.

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