28 is no kid stuff.

Last night, after watching an episode of 30Rock.
Me: Phew! What time is it?
Chris: It's... 11:15.

Today, after going to a 10:30am movie.
Me: You know, the world really benefits people who get up and moving earlier. We got half price movie tickets for the first showing, and if we went to lunch now we could get the $6.95 buffet special. Not to mention the early bird special at dinner!
Chris: Yes, life is cheaper for grandmas.

Oh Internet, I often want to blog but, as you can see, I've become an old person. My next profile pic will probably be me in a rocking chair. I am old and tired and I love sleeping 8+ hours per night. Sue me.

The other day Kamni did something crazy, like went to Philly on a bus after work and saw an show and then took a 2am train back to NY and then went straight to the Today show to see a band's taping and then slept for one hour and came to work. To which I said, "What, are you 18?!"

I am not made for those kinds of evenings. My Dad is in bed at 9:30pm every night and awake at 5 something every morning. THOSE are the genes I'm fighting here, people!

Instead of some quality writing and some interesting factoids about my comparison shopping at Target and Pathmark this weekend, here is all I can muster: a pretty flower that grew on my fire escape for a few days. It was my impression that Morning Glories should, oh I don't know, hang around for more than two mornings, but hey. Perhaps these are the one-night-stand varieties.

More photos to come soon, including some shots of an Italian parade I found myself walking in with groceries on my way home the other day. See? And you thought life in Brooklyn had turned boring...

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