$300 Project: Checkpoint

Ah, the $300 Project. Such loftiness, such opportunity... such a hot kitchen in this heat. So far I've made $60.64 (not counting upcoming gigs tomorrow and next weekend) and tomorrow is the day of The Big Bake Sale. I went to Target a few weekends ago to invest in supplies. Here they are:

I'm kind of terrified, actually. What if everyone thinks I'm a loser in a park with cupcakes? What if no one buys a thing and I have to truck 50 brownies and cupcakes and banana bread slices home? What if I get stopped by the cops and reprimanded? I will probably cry, no two ways about it. Sadly, I am an emotional mess under pressure, which is probably why I never did anything truly illegal in my life.

So send some good bake sale vibes in this direction and I will report back how it goes. Hopefully not from behind bars.

Also, my brother is a Project Guy too and he just released a few songs out on MySpace. Check them out here.

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Lee Bob Black said...

Your cupcake was simply d'lish. $300 here you come!