Bring on the books

It might be the lack of time away from the city this summer or the close proximity of the newest NY Public Library branch, but I've been reading up a storm lately. I'm trying to figure out how to create a new page on this site to list books and what I thought of them.

Anyone have a successful experience with this? Should I just use GoodReads and somehow drop in a widget? (Mental judgment: BLAH. BORING). Is there an easy way to add a page in Blogspot?

And most importantly, what have you guys been reading this summer? I need new titles. Please leave good ones in the comments so that my voracious reading brain has food. Special preference goes to awesome fiction based on historical events (which seems to be my favorite, as of late).


Anonymous said...

Comme tu vas bientot en France j'en profite pour te donner ces references: Anne-Marie Garat "Dans la main du diable" et "Lenfant des tenebres." Ce sont deux romans qui se deroulent dans le contexte historique des annees 1913-1914 dans le premier tome puis 1930s dans le second.


cecilbgulpy said...

Salut, toi! Have a fantastic book for you: Song Yet Sung by James Mcbride. About runaway slaves on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the codes they used to communicate on the Underground railroad. Made me fascinated with underground railroad and scandalised that we never studied it much in school in the US, aside from illustrated children's books about Harriet Tubman-- lame! Enjoy! Biz, Blythe

ev said...

Hiya Jen, try Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier. (He wrote Cold Mountain, which I never read.)