No, I will not acknowledge that this is a passing fad.

I am on a health kick. Last week I planned out a new healthy lifestyle in the G train on the way home and it is in full swing. (Having a Moleskin allows me to do this type of subway-planning on a regular basis).

Today I went to a market near work to buy some Good Healthy Lunch. I bought turkey and an avocado and a yogurt from Iceland. Iceland! Pomegranate and Passion Fruit flavor. Yes!

Except, no. No no no no no. The yogurt is thicker than sludge (think Greek yogurt x 500) and the flavors are making my taste buds FREAK out. Not really in a good way. For example, I was subtly trying to eat my yogurt during a meeting and had to stop because I realized I was making crazy sour faces. Awkward.

Also, I joined a gym. CRUNCH! That is the sound my gym makes. I am planning on attending my first Hip Hop class tonight. Watch out, suckas. I will probably be very talented at this.

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