Way more characters than a Tweeted update.


1. Steve (aka le brother) is moving into my apartment this coming Sunday for 6 weeks. I know! These bum college graduates who majored in Environmental Science! We lit majors weren't allowed to flit around the country tracking wildlife and the ways they migrate. Instead we stroked our lit books sadly and prepared ourselves for long careers of getting someone coffee.

Well, not me. I just left the country and tried my hand at living Le Foreign Life. But you get my gist.

Anyway, I digress. So Steve! In Greenpoint! Woo! I am happy to have reconnecting adult "hey you aren't the little goon I remember!" time with him, yet I am slightly worried about having a 6+ foot male using the same kitchen. I have a vision of going food shopping at Trader Joe's and lugging my items home only to find the fridge is empty 15 minutes later.

That said, hopefully we'll have another cooking video in the works sometime soon...

2. I am leaving for France in 5 days. 1 2 3 4 5. That's it! It's so close that I practically already have jet lag. I have started judging my clean clothes as "this will look beautiful on me in Paris!" and "this is for my shoddy remaining days in NYC."

All I'm saying is I might not be looking my personal best this week.

3. Chris and I went to a Spinning class last Wednesday and we made it out alive, though he needed a post-Spinning EKG on Friday. It turns out he is a very healthy person but did not eat enough before crazy-psycho-biking class. This good news has not, however, prevented me from waking up in the middle of the night and putting my fingers under his nose to make sure he's still breathing. Oh, hypochondria. Sounds like you're still hanging around.

4. Last night I had a crazy dream that I was making an art project for my Mom. I wrapped her head in paper mache and she was so sweet about it. I kept saying "hang on Mom, I just have to find out how to sketch you now!" and she was like "ok, no problem!" So accommodating. Once she mentioned her head was tired, I helped her lay it on the table in front of her while I interviewed the art teacher about how to proceed with my sketch.

I called her this afternoon to tell her.
Me: So then I wrapped your head in paper mache!
Mom: And what, I suffocated?

Me: Uh.. no! I was making you an art project!

Mom: And I suffocated at the end?

Me: NO. You didn't die. I wasn't killing you!

Hypochondria. AHEM.

5. We do something really cool at work every 6 months or so called The Shake-up. This entails a brand new arrangement of the office and where everyone sits. I love such drastic change; it reminds me of rearranging my dorm room in college every so often. I mean, how many possibilities are there for a desk, a bed and a closet, right? MILLIONS.

Anyway, my new office mates are all boys this time and I took a funny picture of our bookshelf. Please guess which two books belong to me. Hint: they do not require a Computer Brain to read.

6. We explored The High Line today, which is a park of sorts on the West side. Essentially, some old train tracks have been redone to become a plant-filled walkway above the road. It was a really nice little walk and halfway through we got some Raspberry Ronnybrook Ice Cream. More photos on Flickr, but here are two of my favorites. In one, you can observe my impressive birthing hips. In the other, I think we finally prove that Wisconsin people attack ice cream cones like they do cheddar. Mystery solved.

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