Worldwide birthday fun: check.

So I had this idea. I'm a project-y type of gal (NO, REALLY?) and a few months ago, after one of the many evenings entering Chris' building and seeing his gloomy "no mail today" face, I thought "geez. Wish I could get that kid some mail."

And then I started thinking about how cool it would be if everyone I knew all over the world started sending mail to him. But why? And what for? And who's crazy enough to organize that?

Hello my name is organizer.

On Saturday, Chris opened 28 letters that he got from all around the world and we had a birthday adventure. It was seriously the most fun thing I've done in a while, watching him open letters from crazy awesome people that I know. "Ohhhh she's SO great, she lives in Philadelphia and I haven't seen her in, like 5 years, and you would LOVE her..." The comments went on and on.

So, step 1: receive 28 letters. Check.

Step 2: Open the envelopes to see what was inside!

Step 3: Organize the letters on the floor and figure out what they spell.

Step 4: Oh! They spell a website!

Step 5: Go find the geocache in the park.*

Step 6: Movies, then delicious dinner at SushiSamba.

*There was one small hitch in this plan, as someone stole the geocache from the park 4 days before we got there. Jigga what? Yeah, tell me about it. But no fear, as we made a new one and will replace it together and hopefully New Yorkers will stop stealing camoflauged tupperware worth $1.99. Idiots.

This crazy present was possible ONLY because a bunch of fun and awesome people spent a few minutes mailing a letter in an envelope to a guy they don't know in NY. So thanks, humanity. You really rock.

P.S. More photos from our fun day here.


Spike Jones said...

Thanks for asking me to be a part of the fun.

Can't wait to see what you do NEXT year. No pressure or anything.

Erica said...

i'm glad he enjoyed it so much. What a cool idea !!! Thanks for letting me be a part of it too :-)

Chris said...
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Chris said...

I can say without pause that it was the best present I've ever received as an adult. (Super Nintendo is, naturally, exempt.)

Thanks a ton guys for helping out, it was amazing!

Mer said...

what a wonderful b-day idea!

Tim said...

awesome idea and execution!

Anonymous said...

Man, you are just inspiring. Love your blog and crazy projects. x

sek said...

This looks like it was so much fun!! Thanks for letting us help...and, PS, our letter doubled as a map to Madison...you know, just in case :-)
<3 skersh (and sniebs)