Teeth, swine, 29.

"I'm getting a wisdom tooth."

"What, are you 17? Did you lie on your resume to get a job here?"

"Shut up, it's supposed to be impacted."

Turns out it's just impactFUL. Years ago, my dentist took out two wisdom teeth and told me the other two were hidden deep in the recesses of Never Appearing. Some part of me is convinced that riding this pain out will result in a new, friendly tooth that fits nicely in my mouth. The other part of me is about to pull a fast one and revive the teenage years of laughing gas and gauze chez la dentiste.

Le sigh. I really don't feel like dealing with this.


Tomorrow I am supposed to get a Swine Flu shot. Having been forewarned by many a friend that India is bursting at the seams with H1N1-ness, I called the local Duane Reade. "Come between 11 and 3," the woman said. How simple is that?

Then I mentioned it to a co-worker who looked at me kind of oddly. "I don't think they can give you that... it's only for children or women who are..."

STOP. Nope. Not preggers. Please. Just hypochondriatic (not a word, but should be) about all of the possible diseases that I could contract during Tejal's nuptials. Will report back about the ease with which one can obtain Swine antibodies.


This morning I was thinking about turning thirty. It's not for another year plus, but still. Thinking about the number. What's supposed to happen when you turn 30? All of your underwear turns frumpy and gray. That's what.

I kept rolling this number around on my tongue. "THIRTY YEARS of living," I thought. "THIRTY YEARS and no book to show for it. THIRTY YEARS of someone existing with my name."

That's a long friggin' time!

So I think I have to do something significant in my 29th year. I don't know what yet, but come on. THIRTY YEARS? I gotta accomplish something by then. Right now I feel like a recent grad who somehow stumbled into an apartment and a cat and an unlimited metro card. How did this time pass?

So, you know. Twenty-ninth year. Eyes peeled.


bec said...

J - according to many a people, 29 is when big changes/things are supposed to happen in ones life. Time to get those goals a movin'! (and when i say 'many a people' i mean my boss who has been told this by a psychic or something).

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