The Day Oscar and I Ran the NYC Marathon

Oscar has had some pinkness happening on his face lately and has seemed kind of itchy so I made an appointment with the vet for this morning. As many of you know, I adopted him almost a year ago from a shelter, who had found him abandoned in the Bronx. If anything is true about Oscar, he surely loves an adventure... which is why, after I got his carrier out early this morning, it was no surprise that he was ready to go. Immediately.

Off we went, into a cab that allows pets, and as we got closer to Williamsburg, I mentioned that the driver might want to avoid Bedford. "You know, it's the marathon today," I said. My driver did not seem to understand the concept of 40,000 people running down the road we needed to cross.

"Is there another way around this??" I asked. My driver shrugged. I got out.

I'll say this. There are many things that one might bring to watch the NYC Marathon. Signs, flags and dogs are among them. Cats in carriers do not, typically, belong on the scene- and I say this because there sure is a lot of SCREAMING. Oscar the Wonder Cat did not flinch. I however, was not managing as well.

The trouble with wanting to cross Bedford Avenue on the morning of the marathon is that there is no way to do it. The subway doesn't go underneath it (allowing a prairie-dog-style-pop-up-to-the-other-side situation). And there are runners constantly coming. So I'm standing there on N. 6th and Bedford looking mightily confused when this woman comes up to me and asks if I need to get across. I tell her we do.

Then she says she will help me cross, that we will only need to RUN with the RUNNERS for a few seconds diagonally across Bedford. I remind her I am carrying a 15lb cat in a carrier. She offers to hold one side.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is how Oscar and I ended up running in today's marathon. People are screaming and she is quietly saying "not yet... not now... GO, RUN, GO!" and we're off, crossing the avenue with Oscar in hand.

PEOPLE. It was exhilarating! What a memory! After we got safely to the other side, I thanked her and showed her Oscar, who nicely sniffed her hand and nuzzled her. UNPHASED BY RUNNING IN A MARATHON, was this cat.

Then we went to the vet, where we found out he has a mild case of cat acne and an allergy to his food. In usual fashion, he was adored by the doctor and her assistant and enjoyed hanging out in the waiting room while we awaited a cab for our ride home.

I do not know what the odds are of having the sweetest cat in the world, but I think I should probably play the lottery one of these days. While I made banana bread and worked on Nanowrimo this afternoon, our little buddy did a little napping. Big freaking day!


Britt said...

Nilla has that exact same carrier, and she takes up about half the space that Oscar does. :)

Pretty awesome that you got the best cat in the world and we wound up with the best pup. We should all do a lotto pool--can you even imagine???

Jen said...

Haha! The FIRST thing the vet said was "Oh my, he has a big head, doesn't he?!"

Pretty sure it's his HEAD that takes up half the carrier. ;)

sek said...

This screams children's book! Maybe you should write this up! Now!

Love you!

ev said...

Oh my goodness. First of all, this was the best post ever. Second, the pictures...how many people can have a picture of their cat, chilling in the cat carrier, with the DOOR OPEN?????

Third, I just love that you guys RAN in the marathon. SO. FUNNY.