Reasons why I have not updated this blog lately

We all know it: November has been a crappy blog updating month. Here are the top five reasons:

1. I'm working like a crazy person. Actually, probably more than a crazy person. I'll just put it this way- the past few days have been bed-work-bed-work-bed. Off to work in a minute. Again with the working!

2. I have been cleaning my apartment like a crazy person. Or a person whose landlords need to show her place all the damn time. Oscar is shedding entire kittens off his back and throwing his litter around like it's a ticker-tape parade. This, as you might imagine, is really helpful.

3. I have been WRITING A NOVEL. Remember that little project? Today marks the day I'm supposed to pass 30,000 words. Sadly, I am only at 18,000. (Please note: THIS IS STILL A LOT). I have lots more to say about Nanowrimo, but at the moment it is giving me a migraine. So... soon!

4. I am never home. Also there are about 16 holidays coming up. I will be traveling to India in two weeks, Kenosha in four, up to my parents' at least twice during that time.

But I will be back. Soon. To tell you about people who got engaged and people who tried to guilt me into my HS reunion and people who I randomly ran into on the street recently. It's all exciting! It's so exciting that I'm having more fun being excited in person than on this here blog. That sounds pretty healthy, no?

Seacrest out... for now.

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