Beginnings and endings: the 2009 edition

This morning I cleaned my apartment in Greenpoint, hauled out a few bags of trash and packed the remaining few items to cab it back to our new place. It felt significant, like an ending. I suppose there are all kinds of endings and beginnings happening in our lives right now.

My memories of that apartment are almost solely of 2009 (though Obama's election as we cheered in my little living room in November ranks pretty high up there too). What a year it's been, quite possibly the best year of my life.

I spent New Year's 2007 (turning 2008) in London and I remember walking one of the bridges a few days into January. It was cold and there were couples and tourists everywhere. I was in a bad job situation, had just moved into a roommate situation in Brooklyn after living with my parents for 6 months and had no promise of a love or social life. It was a rough time, that New Year's, one of those celebrations that you're not quite ready for. You aren't setting any resolutions or goals because it seems like the most obvious goal is insurmountable: getting a life.

I stopped halfway across the bridge and looked out at the London skyline, vowing to myself that I would start looking for a new job once I got back. Yes, I had only been at the place six months, yes I had just moved out of my parents' house, no it was not what I would have done if I was playing it safe. But I knew that satisfaction in my job and finding a way to meet other younger people in New York hinged on that decision.

A few months later, I was hired by Arc90, a software company. This isn't the time or place to get into what I do or where I work, but that hiring happened 20 months ago. In the past 20 months, I've met my boyfriend (also an Arc employee), made a ton of hilarious and incredibly intelligent friends, and just two weeks ago I got the exciting news that I was being promoted to Director at Arc.

December has been insane, folks. From traveling to promotions to moving to the holidays, it's been a very overwhelming time for me. Sometimes it seems like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, for one of us to be diagnosed with a terrible disease or worse. How can life be this fantastic? It seems too good to last.

Now here I am, lying on the couch I helped Chris buy on one of our first dates last January, in our shared apartment with views of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Oscar is sleeping on the chair across from me. In a few hours, my sister and her friends will come over and sit on our floor and eat dinner with us (we are still lacking a kitchen table and chairs). Then we're having a Progressive New Year's Eve party, which starts at a former co-worker's apartment, continues at Sarah Mclo's digs and then moves to a current co-worker's place. If we're not too tired, we'll come back here to celebrate our new place and the new year post-midnight.

The best part is that each place is within 5ish minutes of the next.

I love living around friends. I love living across from Trader Joe's (yes! can you believe it??). I love our new apartment and our life together and my job. I am really optimistic for 2010 and cannot wait to see what it brings.

I wish you all a very happy new year. Thanks for reading and following the adventure from over here. I'm often not sure how to define the relationship between blogger and her audience, but I do hope that someone might stumble onto something of use or inspiration here. If this New Year's is your version of my London bridge moment, don't be afraid to make a really big vow to yourself and then CHANGE your life. It's seriously the only way it's going to start to get better.

Happy changing! Sublime in '09 is almost over!


The end of December 2009

Dear Everyone,

Sometimes (when I am in a subway reading poetry or trying to fall asleep at night to the smell of new varnish or uploading photos of Oscar in our new apartment), I get really excited to post again to this here blog. Sadly (and stressfully), the past few weeks have been spent at work. Also in a moving van and also a tiny break for Christmas, but mostly at work.

There is no sense promising an update, as that will make the stress level higher. Just wanted you all to know I'm alive and fine. And at work.

So much exciting stuff to recap soon. Hope you are all well.

xo J

P.S. Ok, I couldn't resist:


At the Taj!

Here is a tiny taste of India to tide you over until I can actually write something coherent about the trip. Jet lag and these Malaria pills are making me feel pretty crappy 24 hours a day. I'll be adding new photos to Flickr all day... enjoy!


What's up, India?

This is going to be one big mega-dump of stuff, as I'm leaving for India tomorrow night and kind of having seven nervous breakdowns simultaneously.

1. Yesterday I went to the doctor to get vaccinated for Hep-A and Typhoid. I'd had cold-like symptoms over the weekend and a fever on Sunday night. When I mentioned this to to doctor, he made a face.

"Hm, you might have swine flu."
"Ha! Wait, you're kidding, right?"
"No, those are the symptoms. If you still have a fever in 24 hours, get this prescription for Tamiflu filled and start taking that. In the meantime, we'll give you the vaccine in case you don't have it."

So I spent yesterday home in bed, mostly worried about all the work I wasn't doing at work. But I am happy to report that the fever seems gone and so, verdict suggests no swine flu. Thanks, universe! Cause I needed that like a damn hole in the head!

2. Slowly but surely, the India trip has been scheduled. Now doing New Delhi, Bangalore and Bombay. I am excited, but also pretty anxious. I can completely understand why lots of people avoid traveling to 3rd world countries; the insane amount of vaccinations and medications I have to take with me, coupled with the daunting flight and Visa stuff... well, let's just say that I'm an avid traveler who is going to stay with two friends that I know. And I'm still kind of freaking out.

I want to write about how it feels to suddenly put a bunch of medications in my body when I get back. I hate knowing that I'm messing with the system, even if some of these things are necessary.

3. I just got mocked by an old woman at the post office over lunch because I had my Christmas cards done so early. Seriously? Lady, I'm about to cough some swine flu in your face.

4. Kate, Steve and I saw Guster on Friday night during their reunion tour at the Beacon Theater. All I can say is holy singing! And awesome vibes! How fun are concerts where you all sing along and love the band and lyrics together in one harmonious vocal community? It was pretty killer.

That's all I have time to write. Hopefully I will make it back in one piece and you'll hear from me after the 13th. I'm bringing the Netbook, so I'll be able to write the whole time, so stories and photos to come!