What's up, India?

This is going to be one big mega-dump of stuff, as I'm leaving for India tomorrow night and kind of having seven nervous breakdowns simultaneously.

1. Yesterday I went to the doctor to get vaccinated for Hep-A and Typhoid. I'd had cold-like symptoms over the weekend and a fever on Sunday night. When I mentioned this to to doctor, he made a face.

"Hm, you might have swine flu."
"Ha! Wait, you're kidding, right?"
"No, those are the symptoms. If you still have a fever in 24 hours, get this prescription for Tamiflu filled and start taking that. In the meantime, we'll give you the vaccine in case you don't have it."

So I spent yesterday home in bed, mostly worried about all the work I wasn't doing at work. But I am happy to report that the fever seems gone and so, verdict suggests no swine flu. Thanks, universe! Cause I needed that like a damn hole in the head!

2. Slowly but surely, the India trip has been scheduled. Now doing New Delhi, Bangalore and Bombay. I am excited, but also pretty anxious. I can completely understand why lots of people avoid traveling to 3rd world countries; the insane amount of vaccinations and medications I have to take with me, coupled with the daunting flight and Visa stuff... well, let's just say that I'm an avid traveler who is going to stay with two friends that I know. And I'm still kind of freaking out.

I want to write about how it feels to suddenly put a bunch of medications in my body when I get back. I hate knowing that I'm messing with the system, even if some of these things are necessary.

3. I just got mocked by an old woman at the post office over lunch because I had my Christmas cards done so early. Seriously? Lady, I'm about to cough some swine flu in your face.

4. Kate, Steve and I saw Guster on Friday night during their reunion tour at the Beacon Theater. All I can say is holy singing! And awesome vibes! How fun are concerts where you all sing along and love the band and lyrics together in one harmonious vocal community? It was pretty killer.

That's all I have time to write. Hopefully I will make it back in one piece and you'll hear from me after the 13th. I'm bringing the Netbook, so I'll be able to write the whole time, so stories and photos to come!


Edith said...

take care!

Lindsay said...

Have an amazing time Jen!!! Take lots of pictures!