BB '10!

So there's no good rhyming words with "ten." Sublime in '09 worked so well (and great in '08 did its job just fine), but ten is kind of a buzzkill right now. Last night Anne Brown said that her personal motto will be something like "Jen in '10!" which was very sweet, but I think it's against the Laws of Arrogance to name yourself as your own motto.

After some thought, I decided to focus on Balance this year. Chris and I will need to balance our new life together with our own interests and social lives, work is going to require more balancing of my time and my energy, and my own creative projects are going to compete for my time more than ever this year. But "Balance in '10" sounds kind of lame. How about something with a bit more panache?


I love this time of year. I love the newness and the looking forward and the remembering back and the evergreen decorations that adorn it all. Today was all about NOT making a schedule, and so I slept late and we got around to doing laundry after some naps and hanging some stuff on our walls. It's been a good day of getting stuff done sans structure. More of these to come in BB '10 for sure.


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