Chez nous

I made this little video for our friends and family who don't live in NY and wanted to see Le New Place, but figured I'd share it here too. The sound is a little quiet at times, but I think you get the idea.

This space feels luxurious and simultaneously like our place to relax, a place where we can both get work done, where I could write a novel and where Chris can come up with another great idea for an Arc90 product. Plus Oscar loves the huge windows (and we have a bird feeder that's waiting to go up, which should improve the wildlife on an 8th story apartment in the middle of Brooklyn).


Our apartment in Brooklyn from Jen Epting on Vimeo.


cecilbgulpy said...

I LOVE your apartment! Glad you could snag it! Things are good in Paris. Feeling very positive about everything for 2010! Love,

Courtney said...

Sweet Cactus - what a great place!

Anonymous said...

WOWWWIE!!!! Love the blue wall in the living, and the DECK..... its RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I come live on the deck??!!!! Its an awesome place!

Anonymous said...

the place looks GREAT! (a far cry from when i was last there ;) AND i love the new website design