The Golden Age, Brooklyn-style.

Today we had a surprise guest- Evelyn! She said she wanted to see our new place and hang out, but I think we all know why she really came:

Chris and I walked around the neighborhood for a while this afternoon and we both decided that being closer to our friends is a huge reason why we love the new place. New York is so big that you can easily live an hour from someone you wish you could see daily. That kind of sucks.

Which is Brooklyn is kind of perfect for us and why our progressive party was such a fun time. We started at Doug and Courtney's place (see above) and moved on to Sarah's, then Rama's. All walking distance. All awesome people. OH, THE LOST PARTIES WE WILL HAVE.

The last time I lived within walking distance of a bunch of people was my year in Clermont. It was so great to call someone and meet them for coffee ten minutes later. Does a city ever stay that way thought? Literally the only person that I know still in Clermont is Erica, and she spends a lot of time in Paris at this point.

Being in my late 20s feels like this golden age of friends and couples and a mixture of parties and brunches. You can feel it's not going to last. Someone will start having babies and then it'll be everyone and all of a sudden you'll be at back-to-school nights. Life changes, as cities do. But for these few rare years, it's the best of all worlds.

I never, ever thought I'd say this, but I am so glad I'm spending my golden age in New York. I can't imagine it being as good anywhere else.

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Courtney said...

Hey, what a cute group!!! :)