Winging it.

Two nights ago as we snuggled Oscar (who, incidentally, is LOVING the attention of two owners versus one), we talked about our days.

"I feel like I have SO much free time since we moved in together," I said. And it was true. This week I worked on a bunch of creative things, including 1001journals and some letters to send overseas.

"I feel exhausted," Chris confessed.

It's funny how people can be so different.

We hung my bookshelves last Sunday night, in the middle of which I had a nervous breakdown because we didn't have the right tools and seemed totally unequipped to put a hole in our new apartment. As I freaked out, Chris bent his arm and started to move it up and down. "I think we should wing it," he joked, and I laughed. We decided to wing it, eyeball it, approximate. They came out pretty good, I must say, and are now holding a ton of books without falling to the ground.

Here's what's interesting: I bought those shelves two years ago. I never hung them in my room in Cobble Hill because I was afraid I didn't know how. I never hung them in Greenpoint because it wasn't my place and I was afraid of putting something unsightly up in a furnished apartment that was, well, perfect. Left to my own devices, I would have let these shelves sit boxed up in the living room until the next apartment, afraid to do more.

Chris' point of view was well taken. We're two smart people. We can figure it out- or at least try.

What have you been afraid to do lately? What are you smart enough to figure out?

P.S. Photos of the apartment (and maybe a video!) coming this weekend while Chris is away in WI. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
Glad you're back and blogging. Happy belated birthday to you. Sounds like moving in was a great idea and it's going really well -yey to you guys! Loved your Indian pics - did the country have the same effect on you that you couldn't buy a single item other than food for at least a few weeks if not months?
Take care, Ciara