PETA would love this.

Our building's Internet has been out all week (hence the lack of updates) and we've been spending more time snuggling Oscar and watching crappy TV. Last night, Oscar climbed up on the back of the couch and draped himself down my shoulder, where he proceeded to fall asleep like a fox stole.



Andi said...

Adorable, my cat lays some crazy ways, but she has never done that!

Mer said...

OMG someone is sooo going to throw a bucket of red paint on you :)

Erica said...

Oscar looks so cuddly!!

Courtney Russell said...

i can now see your blog through my google reader! thanks chris!

skersh said...

Dear Oscar,

I love you. I know I have my own cat, but sometimes, when I look at her I think of you and all the things you are that she's not. I can't help my feelings. Please don't tell her.


PS Jen and Chris are wonderful & etc, but if you ever want to run away together... just say the word. :-)