Sweet Yearling! and a favor

My lovely new friend Kelley just launched her blog last night after we spent a fun few hours discussing our creative endeavors at Starbucks. I know it's hard to connect with people if you can't picture them, so Internet, meet Kelley:

Such shiny hair, right? I know. I asked her what she used a few weeks ago when it was looking exceptionally lustrous after the gym. I think she said Pantene. Go figure.

Anyhoo, part of our animated conversation last night was about how difficult it is to find blogs of quality that do NOT belong to the Mommyblogger dynasty category. Do you guys know how many terrible blogs are out there? Whiny ones filled with endless dribble about a horrible tomato sandwich someone ate in late 2005?

With Kelley's launch of Sweet Yearling, one more interesting voice is added to the world. Last night we talked about what she wanted her blog to be, a space of sharing stories and photos and things she found inspiring. No soppy tomato sandwiches from 2005.

Understandably so, she was a tiny bit nervous to put herself out in the world before her blog looked aesthetically perfect.

"I know it is a little scary, but you just wait until someone comments on something you wrote. It is going to feel like freaking Christmas," I told her, because that is true. Every time one of you comments on something I wrote, it is kind of like someone sprayed me with a can of Happiest Essence Ever and gave me basket of golden retriever puppies. I kid not.

So I have a favor to ask of my smart and lovely readers. Would you comment on one of her first posts? It's a little lame as far as requests go, but I get a kick out of trying to get significant groups of people to do really nice things for people who deserve it.

And if that is not too taxing, maybe comment here and link to a few blogs that you love reading that fit into the "non-mommy-blogger-but-totally-worth-reading" category. Share the wealth!


Erica said...

Are you interested in expat blogs? I read a bunch from mainly americans, although some are from other english-speaking countries.

I'm also getting into food blogs (because honestly, who doesn't LOVE food?!) and am thisclose to buying myself some of the lovely knives/tools/stand mixers I see in the photos!!

Just let me know and i'll pass them along ...

Chris said...

It's not a Blog-with-a-capital-B, spill your heart out to the internet blog, but I've been really enjoying Letters of Note.

Like the title says, it's a collection of notable letters from or to famous people. Really interesting content. The most recent one currently is a fan letter that Normal Rockwell sent to another illustrator when he was 54. How cool is that?

Lindsay said...

I only read a couple blogs on a daily basis:
I love watching Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" on the travel channel- and this is his travel blog that accompanies the show- I really enjoy his snarky sense of humor : )
2. earthdoglife.com
-Written by Kym Collela of Nashville, TN. She and her husband Dave have a pack of dogs (12-16 at any given time) and also run a business (earthdog) that sells environmentally friendly pet products that they make! Her writing is often quite funny and I always love to see what antics the dogs are up to- As of recently, though, they have had two dogs pass away, so the entries have been sad.
3. http://drjekyllandmrshyde.blogspot.com/
This blog is more science related but I love reading it and knowing that my lab isn't the only insane place on the earth : )

Erica said...

Lifehacker.org is a great blog about all kinds of little things you can do to improve your life. Creating a laptop stand out of a $5 shoe rack from Walmart or new (free) software to keep track of websites and references for a research paper, for example. I also really like neatorama.com, which is another "random" blog where they just post things that are interesting. I've learned a lot (and been very entertained) since I started reading !!!

Jen said...

Thanks, guys! Loving the new blog-ness...

E, maybe your top 5 personal blogs that span any category. Think the 5 with the most quality. Can't wait to see what you recommend!

Erica said...

Ok, so my top 5 (that i haven't mentioned yet):

1) soulemama (http://www.soulemama.com): a new england mom who homeschools her kids, her blog is more about knitting/quilting/creating/LIVING than about her kids. It's very inspiring to hear about all the stuff that she does!

2) french for a while (http://www.frenchforawhile.blogspot.com/): a Washington, DC, family of 5 ups and moves to the south of france so that he can teach history in an international school. A "family take" on the expat experience. Often HILARIOUS!

3) passive-aggressive notes (http://www.passiveaggressivenotes.com): a collection of passive-aggressive notes from around the world. Often with snarky comments. I've laughed many times (and can relate to a lot of them!)

4) Food blogs such as smitten kitchen (http://smittenkitchen.com/), joy the baker (http://www.joythebaker.com/) and the pioneer woman cooks (http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/). who doesn't love food, especially when it's documented and photographed with such love?!

5) 1000 awesome things (http://1000awesomethings.com/) ... a slowly, still-being-compiled list of awesome things. most of the time, they're things that you wouldn't normally think about as "awesome", but this makes you realize just how great the little things are. a "slow down and smell the roses" type of blog.

I also have a shitload of different expat blogs that i read (Jennie en France, Totally Frenched Out, C'est la vie, etc) but I'm not sure if you'd be interested ...

Andi said...

Yay for a non-mommy blogger! Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of mommy lover friends, lots of them, but it is cool to find other non-child bloggers!