Vday 2010

Hello lovers. How's your Feb 14th? Doing alright? Feeling like something is missing? Maybe something that makes you feel gooshy and squishy and gooey inside?

We made you something. And this is it. It was clear that Skersh was going to be Oscar's valentine, especially after that love confession on a recent post. So we decided to blow it out into a FAN site for the little guy. Chris should get all the credit for making the site, though I cleaned up the Flickr stream a bit and snapped a few new photos for the cause. Like this one:

Chris is cooking me dinner right now (I KNOW!) and I got flowers and candles for us earlier today. We're hanging out at home tonight, enjoying our first meal on our kitchen table. In fact, here it is:

I can't tell you how nice it is to have a flat surface to eat upon, not to mention a table big enough to have a feast with friends. Tra la! Feasts! Furniture! And Funny websites about cats! Oh Valentine's Day, you ARE the best.


SNiebs said...

Oh Jen (and Chris) - she's going to love it! She's flying back to Nashville right now, but I've already left her a message telling her she HAS to go home and look at your blog right away. I'm sure it will make her arrival back in Nashville a little less blue. Thanks!!

skersh said...

Oh Oscar! I knew what we had was real! I will be your Valentine!

love forever,

Britt said...

The Oscar fan site is very cute. And I LOVE the table! It looks great.