YHS Reunion, wedding style

Adam got married on Saturday in Baltimore and I was shocked, yet again, that the dudes from High School are grown-ups. We talked more about cleaning and cooking and mortgages this weekend than ever before.

More pix on Flickr.


Mer said...

ahhh, where was this wedding?? looks like a place I have never been, it's beautiful! hope u had fun in b-more!! wish we got to see ya!

Jen said...

Wedding was at the Belvedere Hotel... will definitely look you guys up next time. We were there for about 22 hours, so it was a tight squeeze! :)

Edith said...

liking your dress and your shoes! actually loving your shoes!
i know it's weird to see high school friends growing up and having kids and getting married and all... but that means we are growing up as well i suppose, even if we still see ourselves as kids!

Mer said...

haha, went to a bat mitzvah there circa 1993 :) glad u had fun - wow 22 hours!!