Birdless in Brooklyn!

I've been wanting to post a bunch of pictures and garden talk on this blog but have been hesitant because it's kind of... well, niche. I mean, you don't come here for the garden pix, do you? You come here for the photos of Oscar.

Happy sun cat allowed outdoors.

Unhappy indoor cat after he tried to sneak onto the neighbor's deck.

So I thought about it a lot yesterday, while I was re-potting sugar peas and wandering around garden stores along Atlantic Ave and I decided that one of the things I wrestle with in New York City is the challenge of feeling connected to nature. Even though we are lucky enough to have an awesome deck, it's still made of concrete. And there still isn't a way to step out of my building and magically be around trees and ponds.

Like my writing teacher says, it's the things that we're trying to work through or figure out that make the best motivation to write. And so! I decided to make another blog, this one dedicated to finding as much nature as possible in the city. It's about urban gardening and growing seeds inside and taking walks in parks. It might also be about the birds who come to eat at our bird feeder, if any ever arrive. And so with that spirit in mind, it's called Birdless in Brooklyn.

As most new blogs, its design is a suck-tastic Blogger template and it has (shudder) a blogspot address. Well, nothing's perfect, right? So follow along there if you're so inclined... there are already a few posts up for your viewing pleasure.

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Steve said...

If you're looking for nature, just hop over to Prospect Park. It's very easy to escape the confinement of city streets.

Just get out of there before sunset...