Die Frau und ihr kinder.

This morning on the subway, a German woman with a baby girl sat next to us. The baby was into pointing at things.

First, she pointed at me. "Yes, that lady has blue earrings. Very nice blue earrings," the German mama said.

Then at her mama. "No, mama has no earrings."

More pointing. "Yes, that man is reading a book."

Tiny finger off in a new direction. "Yes, so many people in this train. So many! They all have umbrellas!"

First off, can I just say that I considered asking this Frau for her digits so I could call her after giving birth one day and have her nanny my kids? BEST PARENT EVER. So interactive and attentive and... caring. A refreshing example of parenting after seeing so many moms and dads ride the subway with their kids while wearing headphones. This makes me want to die every time I see it. Yes, please, send the signal to your OFFSPRING that they are less important than THAT SONG. Sigh.

When we got out of the subway, I told Chris what she'd been saying. "Doesn't that just make you love Germans?" I said. "You know that kid has some wooden toys at home alongside her functional leather booties."

For ten seconds, it made me want to take a German class again. Then I remembered all the projects that I have going on and I chilled out. But man, German vocab in the morning. So fun!

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