Feast de Voyage (pronounced VOY-AHHGE)

We're headed to Seattle in two weeks on a 5-day romantic getaway complete with Easter candy for the plane. Why Seattle? Is there any other city that you mention these days that DOESN'T cause mass hysteria because it's so effing cool? No. There's not.

I began my travel strategy planning a few weeks ago when we bought our tickets, which went like this:
1. Write to anyone I know who has ever been to Seattle and get advice about what to do
2. Study the map of Seattle to get to know its shape and my geographic bearings
3. Look for books that take place in Seattle and order them from the library

Et voila! Le plan.

In the meantime, I've been thinking about how much effort it is to seek out all this kind of information and wishing that I knew of a blogger that could give some good, tangible advice about traveling in Seattle (or other cities, for that matter).

Then I thought about how often people say to me "hey, you lived in Paris... where should I stay/eat/hang out?" or "hey, didn't you go to a country like... Hungary? How was that?" So I decided that I am a good candidate to be that person, if only to centralize my traveling advice for my buds. Et voila! New project!

So this is a heads up that there will be a new section coming soon over here at Feast of Love. The travel section will be inspired by the book I made my brother for his graduation last summer. Think recommendations for where to eat, sleep, shop and spend your money. I've done so much traveling that I'm psyched to kick this off and share with you the BEST places to go. Because you probably (even secretly in your deepest heart part) are itching to go away. No?

Feast de Voyage. Word.


Anonymous said...

Can you please take a picture of the Seattle Central Library for me?

Mer said...

I went to Seattle for work a few years ago. it was a great city and i think that u will really enjoy it! i was in an expo hall most of the time so i cant think of anything to tell you...went to the space needle and the Experience Music Project, pike place market...and starbucks :) have fun!

xelanihc said...

I figure since I've been reading your blog for so long i should comment.

It sounds lame but you have to go to Pike's market. Han and I went twice in our trip to Seattle. Everything is just amazing there and so fresh. Han and I were mesmerized by the florists there and how inexpensive these giants bouquets are.

The fresh food also looks great. I wish we had a kitchen when we were there just to try some it.


samantha said...

If you still need it, I can give you some good, tangible advice about traveling in Seattle. I love this town so much I'm practically a walking guidebook.

Jen said...

Samantha- yes, please! What about a good independent movie theater or fun restaurant or place to swim? (I know, I'm dreaming on that swimming one... just doesn't feel like a vacation without packing a bathing suit!) :)