Feast de Voyage: Paris

Heading to Paris? Want to head to Paris? Want to want to head to Paris?

My Paris recommendations are up on Feast de Voyage. To get there, click on that handy little link below the header on the page. Or that handy little link in the last sentence. Voila!

Nora Barnacle's house, Galway.

Next up is Ireland, a special request from a friend traveling there this summer. Coming soon!


Anonymous said...

I request London, if you've been there!

Anonymous said...

Prague (and/or the surrounding area) would be much, much appreciated!

Jen said...

I can do both. :) Thanks for the suggestions- bring them on, people!

Edith said...


p.s if you friend wants to meet up with me or needs advice for ireland in general and in dublin in particular, put her in touch with me!
i also have a futon she can sleep on for a day or 2 if she's broke!